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Please find below all the newsletters we've sent out in the last 16 years, from the release of Printfil 3.1, in 2003, up to the current version.

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2019, Feb 14 Printfil 5.24: New PCL graphics engine and PDF plugin
2018, May 3 Printfil 5.23: vDosPlus integration, Direct PDF Printing and Videos
2017, Aug 31 Printfil 5.22: vDos, DosPrint integration and Monthly licenses
2016, Nov 17 Printfil 5.21: Capture DOS COM1: ... COM9: serial ports, even in DOSBox, enhanced external plugins
2016, Jan 28 Printfil 5.20: PDF/A. E-mail attachments. Reprint archived DOS print jobs
2015, Apr 15 Printfil 5.19: Windows 10, Enhanced DOS PDF export
2014, Jul 10 Printfil 5.18: Windows Server 2012 RC2, DOSBox SVN Daum, Include Images without CFG file
2013, Nov 20 Printfil 5.17: Merge JPG, GIF, PNG files to DOS print jobs
2013, Jan 31 Printfil 5.16: Easily print to TXT. Call external programs
2012, Apr 24 Printfil 5.15: Windows 8. PDF backgrounds
2011, Nov 24 Printfil 5.14: DOSBox integration. Epson-Color sequences. International PC8 fonts
2011, Jun 1 Printfil 5.13: Delete pages in print preview. Send PDF via smtp even in Cc and Bcc
2010, Dec 1 Printfil 5.12: Change printer from preview. Merge different BMP/WMF/EMF on different copies
2010, Jul 13 Printfil 5.11: WTS printers without RDP session. SMTP with SSL authentication
2010, Mar 18 Printfil 5.10: Windows 7. Easily print PRN files
2009, Sep 29 Printfil 5.9: EMail print jobs via SMTP. Search and highlight text in preview
2009, Feb 27 Printfil 5.8: HP Complex sequences and fonts. Send PDF's to multiple recipients
2008, Oct 7 Printfil 5.7: Windows 2008 Server. Windows OEM Code Page selection
2008, Jun 12 Printfil 5.6: Easier registration. Quicker PDF creation. Vista automatic elevation
2008, Jan 22 Printfil 5.5 captures up to 9 LPT ports from DOS & Windows, easier, without network configurations
2007, Oct 5 Printfil 5.4 captures multiple LPT ports and shows multiple previews simultaneously
2007, Jun 29 Printfil 5.3: Guided configuration. New PC8 fonts for your DOS/Linux print jobs
2007, Mar 6 Printfil 5.2: Faster printing. Better Terminal Server and Vista compatibility
2006, Nov 1 Printfil 5.1: Specify the PDF file name when exporting the print jobs without user intervention
2006, Jul 1 @SwIt s.r.l. has been founded
2006, Apr 24 Printfil 5.0: PDF via e-mail. New graphic. Capture LPT1 in Windows 98
2005, Nov 7 Printfil 4.3: RAW printing. Merge multiple graphical files to your textual print jobs
2005, Jul 30 Printfil 4.2 exports the source legacy print jobs as encrypted PDFs
2005, Mar 3 Printfil 4.1: A new LPT port capturing method. No more 0-bytes spool files
2004, Dec 6 Printfil 4.0-3: Additional languages and XMas offer
2004, Oct 11 Printfil 4.0-3 solves the 1326 error when capturing the LPT1 port on Windows XP
2004, Jul 1 Printfil 4.0-2 automatically redirects the DOS LPT1 output to Windows printers without using external modules
2004, Apr 5 Printfil 4.0-1: Manage multiple printer control codes (HP, Epson, ...) simultaneously
2003, Dec 13 Printfil 4.0 prints much faster your DOS/Unix jobs in 32 bit
2003, Oct 5 Printfil 3.2-2: Print preview always on top in Windows 2000 and XP
2003, Aug 20 Printfil 3.2-1: Multiple Printfil.ini files for multiple user configurations
2003, Jul 7 Printfil 3.2: Multilanguage. Capture multiple print job files. Use multiple fonts in a single print job
2003, Jan 27 Printfil 3.1: Support for custom Escape Sequences

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