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Dear Client,

we're pleased to announce the new Printfil 5.11 release.

What's new:

  • On Windows Terminal Servers now you can choose to ignore the user's session contained in the printer's name, making the printer's list consistent between different sessions. For example, instead of selecting "HP LaserJet (from REMOTE-PC) in session 1" as default printer for Printfil, you can simply select "HP LaserJet (from REMOTE-PC)" and avoid using the "Choose printer" option that requires an additional click for each captured print job. Please find out more in the article How to make DOS programs on Terminal Server printing to local or remote Windows printers
  • Added SSL authentication when emailing print jobs as PDF files (and support requests) via SMTP directly (without using Outlook or a MAPI mail client). This feature requires Windows 2000 or higher (it's not available in Windows 9x)
  • Printfil now detects if it's running on a 64 bit Windows system, and, if it's setup to capture an LPT port, it points the user to the FAQ suggesting which is the best Printfil configuration on 64 bit systems
  • If a source program does create its print jobs without closing the printing device at the end of the process, Printfil was used to show a "Error 5 - File locked by an external program" alert on screen, waiting for user intervention before continuing. Now that message is shown in a popup window at the screen bottom and closes itself after a few seconds so that unattended workstations will spool the jobs as soon as they are unlocked by the source program, without user intervention. You can still click the popup to definitively solve the problem, as explained in the article How to make DOS programs printing faster in Windows
  • The popup above applies even to the "Some Escape Sequences are printed within the text" alert message, that points to the related FAQ
  • The Help -> Create Support Report Printfil's menu entry now can automatically create a ZIP archive containing either the Printfil's configuration or (eventually) the last captured job. This makes easier requesting help to the support team if the computer is not internet connected
  • Some other minor improvements

The upgrade is free for all the Customers who are using the 5.x version, by using the same license codes. You just need to download and install the new Printfil setup program (or leave the AutoUpdate program doing it automatically) without uninstalling the current version first.

If you are still using an old 4.3 version, purchased since 7 Nov 2005 (date of its release), you've right to the free upgrade too, but even your license codes needs to be upgraded (Printfil 5 uses different codes than Printfil 4). The AutoUpdate program will guide you through the update process and will automatically update everything that is needed. If the automatic check has been disabled, simply right-click the Printfil's trayed icon and choose "Search for updates".

If you've purchased previous 4.x licenses from 2003 to 2005, for a limited time only, you can still upgrade them to the newest version simply by purchasing Printfil Upgrade licenses at discounted prices. Don't miss this opportunity! it will expire soon!

If you've questions, comments or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind regards,

Davide Guolo
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