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Printfil is on the CD attached to PC MAGAZINE - nr. 220

"...The possible usage sceneries are numerous, and thanks to the preview you will always know what you are about to print also in case of documents with background images. It supports also the export of documents in PDF format and you can try it for 30 days."

if you use those good old DOS programs, and you happen to print from of them on a matrix printer, make sure your technicians don't «evacuate» that noisy box during an upgrade; or else the printing may become a major challenge; at least, until you get the Printfil utility.

3df2 reviewers

"This program is great and we use it everyday as otherwise our stocklists cant get printed. Thank you also for your follow up service."

Stuart Paul - New Zealand

"Funciona perfecto y desde hoy la facturación nuestra es con impresora Laser. De nuevo muchas gracias, nos sentimos muy satisfechos con el servicio y la atencion prestada."

A.Pedroza - Indufaros S.A. - Colombia

"Ci congratuliamo con voi per aver ideato questa applicazione comodissima e di grande utilità nel usare vecchi database ancora in uso. Vi ringraziamo e vi auguriamo buon lavoro nello sviluppo di nuove applicazioni."

Software house Cliente - Italia

"This one really ROCKS!. Yes, this cute little thingy is really worth the money you spend on it! Amazing functionality, fantastic availability... I could go on for hours describing and praising Printfil, but instead YOU should see for yourself! Download now."

A C/Net user

Print from DOS to USB printer now! Download free PrintFil trial!
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