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Covid-19: Work from home with legacy programs: 1000 Free Montly Licenses

Dear Client,

we are all experiencing hard times because of this coronavirus, and here in aSwIt s.r.l. we feel the responsibility to give concrete and free help, to help limit the spread of Covid-19, both to our customers and to all other companies.

We are asked to stay away from each other, and (who can) work from home, but we are aware that for many realities with legacy programs this is not possible (if the prints come out on the office printer, they cannot be read by staying at home) and are forced to close or reduce operations to avoid endangering the health of employees, with serious economic consequences for both the individual company and the global economy.

Printfil can offer a solution to this problem, and we have prepared a guide that explains how to work from home by connecting to legacy programs in the office and make the prints come out on the home printer, or be converted into PDF files that can be read remotely, or sent via email.

We hope this can help our customers who are currently in difficulty, but we also want to go further, also helping those who are NOT our customers.

If this solution can help your company to overcome this serious moment of difficulty, but the economic situation does not allow you to face the expense for Printfil now, we provide TO ALL, 1000 FREE Monthly Licenses until April 30, 2020 (so they will also work in May). You just have to:

  1. Download the free Printfil trial.
  2. Configure Printfil for your needs, as described in the guide above.
  3. Contact us through the Printfil function Help -> Contact Support, to get your free Monthly License, without any obligation to purchase when it expires.

We really hope that this can help you overcome this period of social distancing by keeping your Company's operations active and all together we can defeat this coronavirus in the shortest possible time, and with the least economic impact.

If you know someone who may need this help, don't hesitate to send him the message; we want to help as many companies as possible.

A cordial greeting, and stay safe.

Davide Guolo
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