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Dear Client,

we're pleased to announce:

  • Printfil 5.7 has been released.
  • FileInMail: a new solution for your mailing needs enters the shareware market
  • Closing period for vacation: 20-31 Oct 2008 

Printfil 5.7 has been released

What's new:

  • Improved Windows 2008 Server management, including Terminal Server installations.
  • On some Windows systems, the Windows OEM Code Page used to convert DOS (OEM) characters into their Windows (Ansi) counterparts does not match the codepage used by your own source DOS program, making accented letters and other national symbols being misinterpreted. Now you can easily select which OEM Code Page Windows should use to convert the source text, simply by the Configuration -> Standard Printfil's dialog. Please find more info in the FAQ: Can I print characters in my DOS Code Page ?
  • Better recognition of the Copies control codes when using HP-PCL escape sequences to drive a generic Windows printer in GDI mode. On some particular cases before, Printfil could print more unwanted copies of the same document.
  • Improved management of the Ascii-8 (backspace) control code when printing in GDI mode. Now it correctly works even if a legacy program embeds a chr(8) to move the printhead backward after sending other printer control codes in the same row. 
  • Now the Configuration -> Guided Printfil's function is automatically run each time you'll install a new Printfil version in evaluation mode. Registered Clients upgrading their Printfil installation can still run it manually by the Printfil's menu if they want.
  • Some other minor improvements.

The upgrade is free for all the Customers who are actually using the 5.x version, by using the same license codes. You just need to download and install the new Printfil setup program (or leave the AutoUpdate program doing it automatically)

If you are still using an old 4.3 version, purchased since 7 Nov 2005 (date of its release), you've right to the free upgrade too, but even your license codes needs to be upgraded (Printfil 5 uses different codes than Printfil 4). The AutoUpdate program will guide you through the update process and will automatically update all what's needed. If the automatic check has been disabled, simply right-click the Printfil's trayed icon and choose "Search for updates".

If you've purchased previous 4.x licenses from 2003 to 2005, for a limited time only, you can still upgrade them to the newest version simply by purchasing Printfil Upgrade licenses at discounted prices. Don't miss this opportunity! it will expire soon!

FileInMail: a new solution for your mailing needs enters the shareware market

FileInMail automatically monitors one or more folders and send out new files via e-mail to one or more recipients, by using the standard MAPI e-mail client program already installed in the computer.
Mail can be sent with or without user intervention, by customizing either the subject or the body text.

Please find more info and a free trial version to download at

Don't miss the opportunity to purchase this new solution at the special prices of the introductory offer:

You'll no more receive further info about this new product by this newsletter. If you want to be kept informed about its development, please join the FileInMail newsletter at

Closing period for vacation: 20-31 Oct 2008

Our offices will be closed for vacation from 20 to 31 October 2008.

You can purchase your software licenses even during the closing period because the ordering system is totally automated.

Support requests received during the closing period will be answered as soon as possible, at our return.

For any question, comment or suggestion, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind regards,

Laura Antona
aSwIt s.r.l. - Sales
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