Each single Printfil license allows you to run the software on a single workstation, which can print to several devices, even on a network.

Prices below are per workstation/user, not per printer.
You can access the order form by clicking on the prices below or the buttons at the table bottom.

Our multilicence policy is rather interesting: just 2 licences in a single order are sold at pretty the same price of the single license !

Software Resellers can access the reserved pricelist in the Reseller's Area

Number of licenses Price per copy
Standard licenses
(EURO *)
Price for Upgrade
(see below)
Price for Personal Edition
1 79.00 31.60 49.00
from 2 to 10 44.00 17.60 No quantity discounts available.
The Personal Edition license is for Private, non-commercial use.
Does not have any functional limit.
Requires activation via internet.
More info...
from 11 to 40 40.00 16.00
from 41 to 100 36.00 14.40
from 101 to 250 32.00 12.80
251 and over 28.00 11.20
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(*) All prices are in EURO and not included of V.A.T., where applicable - 1 EUR is between 1.10 and 1.20 USD - After clicking the BUY NOW button you can see how much it is in your local currency.


Customers who bought a 4.3 Standard or Personal Edition license since its release, on 7 Nov. 2005, have right to a FREE upgrade to the current version.

If you bought other 4.x licenses, since 2003, you can upgrade them to the current version by purchasing some Upgrade Licenses (one for each Standard previously purchased license).

You can find more info at http://updates.printfil.com

An Upgrade license can also be used to upgrade a Personal Edition license to a Standard one (for the same version)

ENTERPRISE LICENSE - unlimited users

Printfil is also available with an ENTERPRISE license. This kind of license is parcularly interesting for large Companies because the price is fixed for an unlimited number of machines within their Organization and includes upgrades and other benefits.

For example, the software can be personalized with your logo, your Company's information, and can be provided with an installer ad-hoc and an utility to automatize the deployment of the configurations to the client machines via TCP-IP.

If you are interested on receiving more informations, or an estimate for an ENTERPRISE license, please contact us by the form below.

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