How to send DOS print jobs via e-mail, with or without user intervention

In the previous video, we've seen how to make a DOS program printing an invoice to a PDF file including the background form.

In this video, we see how to automatically send that DOS invoice via e-mail, with or without user intervention.

Let's start:

  • Start a DOS invoicing program
  • Print the invoice to the printer on LPT1:
  • Printfil captures the job and in its preview window you can click the e-mail icon
  • Choose the options of the PDF to be emailed
  • Email to be sent pops up (it's prefilled because we previously created an optional CFG file, but you can even manually insert the data in the email)
  • Send the email

That's all. Now:

  • Open the email client program
  • The sent email is received with the invoice attached as PDF

To do the same without user intervention:

  • Right click the Printfil's trayed icon and go to Configuration -> Standard
  • Disable Preview and click OK
  • Print again the DOS invoice
  • The email is sent without user intervention
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