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Dear Client,

we're pleased to announce the new Printfil 5.23 release.

What's new:

  • Added integration with the vDosPlus emulator (another DOSBox variant). When Printfil is running in evaluation mode and an LPT or COM port is selected for the capture at Configuration -> Standard, Printfil detects if vDosPlus is installed on the system (provided it has been installed in the c:\vDosPlus default path) and it asks if you want to automatically configure it to capture the same COM / LPT port.
    Just like the other DosBox variants already supported by Printfil, vDosPlus may be useful to use a DOS program on a 64 bit Windows OS without having to use virtual machines through software like XP Mode, VMWare or VirtualBox.
    Please find more info at
  • New Printing engine: Direct PDF printing. In addition to GDI and RAW printing, Printfil now supports even direct PDF printing to any Windows printer.
    If your source program creates PDF files you want to print directly, you just have to select PDF instead of GDI or RAW at Configuration -> Standard and the captured PDF will be printed to the destination printer even if it doesn't support Direct PDF Printing natively.
    For further info, please search for the RAW word at
    The PDF engine can be selected even by Line no. 11 of the optional CFG file. The previous values (.F. = GDI and .T. = RAW) are still supported for compatibility with previous Printfil versions.
    Please find a sample CFG file at
  • When dragging and dropping a file on the Printfil's icon (on the desktop for example), Printfil now checks if it's a PDF and sends it to the chosen destination printer by the new Direct PDF Printing engine. If it's not a PDF, Printfil sends it to the printer in RAW mode, like before (useful to easily print PRN files).
    The same applies even to the Command Prompt command: PRINTFIL.EXE File-to-print.PDF (or .PRN)
    Please find more info at
  • Now you can directly print a PDF (without user intervention) that has just been created by the Printfil virtual printer through the optional CFG file.
    The parameter after the PDF file name at Line no. 13 still supports the .T. value to automatically open the default PDF reader after creating the PDF, but now, if it contains a printer name rather than .T., the PDF is directly sent to that printer. If the printer name is invalid, you're prompted to choose a printer at that moment.
    This way you can both e-mail a PDF and print it in a single run, without user intervention, with a single Printfil instance running on the PC.
    Please find more info at
  • In the past weeks we've created several videos showing how to do useful things, like:
    How to email a DOS print job with or without user intervention,
    How to go from DOS printing on carbon copy paper to a multipage PDF,
    How to archive DOS print jobs (for later reprinting) and others.
    You can see them all at or you can Subscribe our YouTube channel, or even Follow us on Facebook
  • Some other minor improvements

The upgrade is free for all the Customers who are using the 5.x version, by using the same license codes. You just need to download and install the new Printfil setup program (or leave the AutoUpdate program doing it automatically) without uninstalling the current version first.

If you are still using an old 4.3 version, purchased since 7 Nov 2005 (date of its release), you've right to the free upgrade too, but even your license codes needs to be upgraded (Printfil 5 uses different codes than Printfil 4). The AutoUpdate program will guide you through the update process and will automatically update everything that is needed. If the automatic check has been disabled, simply right-click the Printfil's trayed icon and choose "Search for updates".

If you've purchased previous 4.x licenses from 2003 to 2005, for a limited time only, you can still upgrade them to the newest version simply by purchasing Printfil Upgrade licenses at discounted prices. Don't miss this opportunity! it will expire soon!

If you've questions, comments or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind regards,

Davide Guolo
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