How to add images to DOS print jobs getting rid of preprinted forms

In the previous video, we've seen How to print from DOS programs to PDF files, but what if the DOS print job is an invoice designed to be printed on preprinted stationery? Having just the text without the background doesn't make sense!

In this video, we see how to automatically merge a background image to the DOS print job so that the resulting PDF will be complete and readable.

Let's start:

  • Start a DOS invoicing program
  • Print the invoice to the printer on LPT1:
  • Printfil captures the print job, but without the background it's unuseful

Let's add it:

  • Go to Configuration -> Standard
  • then Options -> Image
  • Select the image you want to merge as background

That's all. Now:

  • Print again the DOS invoice
  • Now the background is included, like you were printing to a real preprinted stationery
  • At this point, you can create a complete PDF that makes sense
  • and see it with your favorite PDF viewer

This is the simplest way to add a background image; Printfil can do much more, by merging multiple images on different pages, resize and position them anywhere on the sheet etc., as described in the manual, Chapter 6 - How to merge logos and other background image files.

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