How to print from DOS programs to PDF printers or direcly create PDF files

In the previous video, we've seen how to make a DOS program printing to all the installed Windows printers, including USB, Wi-Fi, Fax, etc.

In this video, we see how to export the DOS print jobs to PDF files.

Let's start:

  • Start a DOS program
  • Print the document to the printer on LPT1:
  • Printfil captures the print job and you can print it (even to virtual printers) but PDF and E-MAIL are disabled

To enable PDF and E-mail:

That's all. Now:

  • Print again from the DOS program
  • Now PDF and E-MAIL are enabled
  • You can enable Encryption, Permissions, Passwords or create a PDF/A
  • The PDF has been created and you can open it with your favorite PDF viewer
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