Linux-DOS to USB-PDF printer software boxThis software allows character based applications to print to any Windows printer, including USB, GDI, IP network printers, fax printers and PDF writers, even if it is a Dos/Windows application or a Unix/Linux program running on a Windows PC via telnet, without changes to the original applications.

You can set your application to print to an ascii file, or you can let Printfil automatically capture one or more parallel port and serial port (even from LPT1: to LPT9: and from COM1: to COM9: simultaneously), and redirect your print jobs, even if a printer is physically connected to the captured port or no LPT ports and COM ports are physically installed on your machine

In addition, it will allows you to:

  • preview printing
  • include logos or background images stored in separate files
  • colorize the text
  • print A4 landscape sheets in place of printing on dot-matrix 136-column printers
  • print to ANY printer installed in the Windows Control Panel, including USB, IP, GDI, Windows-only and Virtual printers
  • send print jobs via fax (using any third-party fax software which acts like a printer - eg. Microsoft Fax - or a multifunction - all-in-one - printer)
  • print to networked printers without having to "NET USE" a LPT port
  • use specialist windows fonts (barcodes, for instance) in addition to normal characters in Ansi (Windows) or your own OEM (DOS Codepage) conversion
  • export print jobs in PDF and PDF/A format, with or without user intervention, even with encryption and password protection
  • send print jobs via e-mail by using your own e-mail client program or your ISP's SMTP server, with or without user intervention
  • use a single, customizable set of escape sequences for ALL printers, regardless of make, model and emulation provided (or no emulation at all, as for Virtual and Windows-only printers)
  • print complex jobs to legacy printers in RAW mode (including drawings and graphics) without going through the Windows driver and without changing the original data flow
  • print graphical HP-PCL and PostScript jobs to any Windows printer, even if it's NOT PCL or PostScript capable (including virtual printers, like PDF writers)
  • directly print PDF files (provided in input) without user intervention, even if the destination printer doesn't support Direct PDF Printing natively
  • archive a copy of all the captured jobs in a directory of your choice for backup purposes or easily reprint the jobs later on
  • print your jobs to multiple printers simultaneously
  • easily print PRN files, PDF, PCL and PostScript files; by either "drag & drop" or without user intervention, through the Windows Command Prompt
  • and other interesting features.

All this without changes to your applications.

If you are developing host based applications (like Unix) to run on a Windows Terminal Emulator, you can stop battling with transparent-print characters and different settings for different printers. All you need is a shared file system (NFS, SCO-VisionFS, Samba and others) to store output for your print jobs and PRINTFIL.

In the Printfil Examples page you can find some working configurations.

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