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Simply click a flag above and download the .msg file into your Printfil's installation directory, then right-click the Printfil's trayed icon and select the new language.


Unavailable Language Your language is not included in the 27 already available?

You can have it simply downloading and translating this little ascii file. Send us the translated file and you'll receive the compiled language for free, ready to be added to your Printfil installation.

  Escape Sequences       Useful fonts  
If your source application is embedding a particular kind of control codes into its print jobs, then you can use one or more of the files below to obtain those jobs printed to ANY Windows printer, regardless of the make, model, emulation. Simply download the .seq file into your Printfil's installation directory, then select it in the Printfil's configuration dialog. These files (and others) are already included in Printfil 5.2 or newer.

The next sequences file contains control codes designed to make easier formatting print jobs with html-like syntax - By ARAN Informatica: ARANINFO

aSwIt Mono 437 TrueType Windows PC8 Font which emulates the DOS OEM code page 437 including box drawing characters. Free for Printfil by aSwIt srl (the entire aSwIt Mono xxx font family is already included in Printfil 5.3 or newer)

Video Terminal Screen (29 Kb) TrueType Windows PC8 Font. Shareware by E A BEHL.

Barcode Font Pack v1.2 (72 Kb) TrueType Windows fonts: EAN13 , I2of5, UPC-A, UPC-E. Shareware by Chaos Microsystems Inc.

Free 3 of 9 Extended (8 Kb) TrueType Windows font for barcodes. Free by Matthew Welch.

Code 128 (8 Kb) TrueType Windows font for 128 barcodes. Free by Grandzebu.

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