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Dear Customer,

in this newsletter:

  1. The new release 4.0 Update 2 is available for download

Kind regards

Davide Guolo

1) The new release 4.0 update 2 is available for download

The upgrade is free for all the registered 4.x Customers

New features:

  • Printfil now can automatically capture output sent to a parallel port (LPT1, LPT2 etc.), without using external utilities, on 32 bit Windows systems (NT, 2000, XP, 2003), even if a printer is phisically connected to the captured port.

    For example, if you have a DOS program printing to the LPT1 port and a laser Windows-only printer connected to the same port, you can configure Printfil to capture print jobs sent to LPT1 and redirect them to that printer (or any other one), without changing any setting on the DOS application.

    A new Chapter on the html manual has been added to explain this new feature.
  • Fixed an alignment problem printing "tables". In some cases, if some Bold words were mixed to normal words, the fields could not were correctly aligned.
  • Some other minor changes.
  • Russian and Serbian languages has been added to the default installer program. Many thanks to the translators.

You can download the new version from
The Update 2 can be installed over a previous version without uninstalling the old one because the configuration files will not be overwritten. Remember to Close Printfil right-clicking the trayed icon before installing this Update.
If you already registered a previous 4.x release, your license keys will be still valid.

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