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Dear Customer,

in this newsletter:

1) Release 3.2 update 1 is available to download
2) Coupon Codes: only for newsletter subscribers
3) New conditions to Software Developers and Resellers

Kind regards

Davide Guolo

1) Release 3.2 update 1 is available to download

You can download it from Please, remember to Close Printfil right clicking the trayed icon before installing Update 1.
Update 1 can be installed over a 3.2 version without uninstalling the previous one because Printfil.cfg will not be overwritten.
If you already registered the previous 3.2 release, your license keys will be still valid.

It contains:

  • At Printfil startup, the PRINTFIL.INI file will be searched in the current path. If not found, it will be searched in the Windows installation directory. This is useful if the user running Printfil does not have access rights to the Windows main directory in a NT system.
  • A faster Printfil startup procedure now makes possible to other software in the AutoStart menu entry to start faster also.
  • The auto-calculation feature (of the maximum number of characters per row) has been greatly improved. In particular way, Unix e Linux systems are no more required to provide FileName.cfg to Printfil (unless you want to merge a graphical background file of course).
  • Starting Printfil with the NOMENU switch will cause only the About and Close menu entry to be shown. This means that the user can not modify the local configuration and he can not reprint last job.

2) Coupon Codes: only for newsletter subscribers

Purchasing new Printfil licenses before September the 20th, you can obtain a __% discount simply entering Coupon Code = __________ when requested during the ordering process.

Remember, The Coupon is valid only for newsletter subscribers and only till September the 20th.

3) New conditions to Software Developers and Resellers

Are you a Software Developer or a Reseller ?
If you want to know more about our new Reseller program do not hesitate to contact us:

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