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Dear Customer,

we are pleased to announce the release of the new version 4.1  

The upgrade is free for all the Customers who bought a standard 4.0 license, even though it was in 2003. If you previously bought a 3.2 license, obtaining a free upgrade to the 4.0 version at a later time, now you can upgrade it to the 4.1 version by using the new upgrade prices, which have been substantially lowered.

In addition to the software, your license codes must be upgraded too. If you are using the AutoUpdate feature, the upgrade is totally automated and guided, otherwise, please see the instruction at the following page:

New features:

  • A new LPT port capturing method has been added to the already present one to fix a problem with some Microsoft hotfixes. For example we found that on some systems, if the KB885835 security hotfix were installed, the standard capturing method could not work correctly.
  • 0-bytes spool files are now ignored when Printfil is set to look for different file names simultaneously, by using wildcards. Previously, if a bad coded source application was creating an empty file which was never growning to a real print job, Printfil could stay forever paused, waiting for something to print therein.
  • Now the "Cancel" button in the "Creating Preview" dialog (the one with the meter) can be used to cancel the preview creation. It's particularly useful if you want to cancel a very long job running on a slow machine.
  • When creating a print preview, it was possible to open the configuration dialog and change some settings. Now you can no more do this during that phase to avoid some logical problems which could happened before.
  • The Danish language has been added either to the Printfil's interface or to the setup program.
  • Some other minor improvements and bug fixes.

For any question, comment or suggestion, do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind Regards,
Davide Guolo

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