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Dear Customer,

we are pleased to announce the release of the new version 4.3 

The upgrade is free for all the Customers who bought a Standard or Personal 4.x license, since 2003. If you previously bought a 3.2 license, obtaining a free upgrade to the 4.0 version at a later time, now you can upgrade it to the newest version by purchasing an upgrade license.

If a 4.1 or newer version is already installed on your PC, then you don't need to upgrade your license keys, but it's sufficient to install the update over the previous version. You do not need to uninstall the old version before installing the new one. Your local settings will stay unaltered.
If the AutoUpdate system is active, the upgrade will be totally automated and guided, even if you are still using the old 4.0 version.

What's new:

  • In addition to GDI printing, Printfil now supports RAW printing also. When printing in RAW mode, the source print job will be sent to the chosen printer AS IS, without going through the printer driver and without making any change to the embedded escape sequences.
    This allow very fast printing to dot-matrix printers (like in the DOS days, even if the printer is USB), printing jobs containing graphical printer commands (graphs, drawings etc.) and sending particular escape sequences to special printers (cut labels, open cash drawers etc.)
    When printing in RAW mode, the job must be already formatted with the right control codes for the destination printer, and obviously Printfil's GDI features are disabled (BMP background merging, font selection etc.)
    All printers can be used, including USB ones, but GDI printers (printers that do not accept an input RAW file) and virtual printers like FaxModems (WinFax etc.) and PDF writers (Acrobat Distiller etc.)

    RAW printing can be set globally or enabled/disabled for each single print job, without user intervention.

  • By the optional CFG file you can now specify different BMP files to be included in the print job. Each BMP file can be placed in different sheet's positions and you can also decide on which page(s) to include them.
    For example, you could merge a faxcover.bmp file to the firts page only, while either a header.bmp or a footer.bmp files could be merged to all the other pages, without changing the source report.

  • Added the ability to place a BMP file outside the sheet's margins. This allows, for example, adding a header (or a logo) to a legacy print job without having to modify the source application to add some blank lines on top of each page. For example, if a report takes 66 rows on a page, you can set a 5 cm. top margin and place the bitmap on that blank space still having all the 66 rows printed on that page (the font will be reduced accordingly) and the ascii source unchanged.

  • The RemLastChr option can now be set to remove more than a single character at the end of the print job. This avoid obtaining an extra blank page when printing from some applications, which were used to send different characters at the end of a job (usually some EJECT - FF or CR-LF chars) to ensure the last page would be always ejected by a legacy laser printer.

  • The Norwegian language has been added.

  • Some corrections have been made to some localized messages files. If your natural language is not English, you may want to review them: Catalan - Czech - Danish - Dutch - English - French - German - Greek - Hebrew - Hungarian - Italian - Macedonian - Norwegian - Polish - Portuguese - Romanian - Russian - Serbian - Slovenian - Spanish - Swedish

  • Some other minor improvements and bug fixes.

Our offices will be closed for vacation from 18 Nov till 2 Dec included.
You can purchase your licenses also during the closing period because the ordering system is totally automated.

For any further question, comments or suggestions, do not hesitate do contact us.

Kind regards,

Davide Guolo

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