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Dear Customer,

in this newsletter:
  1. Release 3.2 update 2 available
  2. Help us to suite your needs and obtain a 20 euro discount on your next purchase

Kind regards

Davide Guolo


1) Release 3.2 update 2 available

A new update is available for free download. We have decided to give it out in a so short time from update 1 because we have finally discovered why on some systems the preview window was shown in background and we know that many of you were waiting for this issue to be solved.

You can download it from
Please, remember to Close Printfil right clicking the trayed icon before installing the update.

Your registered 3.2 license keys are still valid and you don't need to reenter them.

The update contains:

  • Sometimes, on some Windows 2000 and XP systems, the preview window was shown in background instead of foreground.
    Now it is always shown on top of the other opened windows.
  • Added a "Please wait" message when a PDF file is created from within the preview window.
  • Some other minor improvements.

2) Help us to suite your needs and obtain a 20 euro discount on your next purchase

I'm writing today to request your help in making sure that we continues to provide the kinds of products and support that you count on us for.

I've developed a comprehensive survey to help us better understand your priorities, and better serve your needs going forward. I'd be grateful if you would take just a few moments to complete the survey and share your opinions with us.

You’ll find the survey at:

As a small "thank you" for your participation, we'll also give you a 20 euro discount on your next Printfil purchase.

I hope you'll enjoy the survey and provide your opinions. We all really appreciate your support, and want to continue to provide you the best solutions.

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