Chapter 17 - Translations

In addition to the 27 languages already included in the setup program, other languages may be available for separate download at:

If the translation in your language is not correct, or if you want to translate Printfil in your language starting from any available one, you can download one of the following little ascii files by right-clicking it and choosing "Save as".

Arabic - Brazilian - Catalan - Czech - Danish - Dutch - English - Finnish - French - German - Greek - Hebrew - Hungarian - Icelandic - Italian - Macedonian - Norwegian - Polish - Portuguese - Romanian - Russian - Serbian - Slovenian - Spanish - SwedishTurkish - Urdu

Once you'll have translated the file in your language, send it to and you'll receive the compiled language for free, ready to be added to your Printfil installation.

If you want the installer not asking for the desired language, you can start it with the /LANG parameter, as described in chapter 13, which explain how to customize Printfil's deployment.

This parameter can have the following values: ae, br, ca, cz, dk, nl, en, fi, fr, ge, gr, he, hu, it, ic, ma, no, pl, pt, ro, ru, se, sl, sp, sw, tr, ur.

For example: c:\> setup-pf.exe /LANG=en

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