Chapter 16 - How to buy Printfil licenses

Printfil is a try before to buy software. You can download, install and use it for free for a 30 days trial period. If after the evaluation period you would like to buy it, you can purchase a software license.

By purchasing a license, the nag screens remainding to register the sofware will be no more shown and you will be able to use it after the 30 days trial period. You will receive some registration codes via e-mail which can be directly inserted in the registration dialog, without having to reinstall the software.

You can choose to buy Standard or Personal Edition licenses to use Printfil without time limits, or Monthly Licenses. The difference is explained below.

Printfil is distributed worldwide via Internet and through a network of Authorized Resellers.

If you obtained this Printfil copy from a local dealer, please contact them to purchase your software license(s).

Otherwise, you can buy your software license(s) via Internet by using SSL secure servers to pay by Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, Eurocard, American Express, Diners Club, JCB, Switch and Solo), bank/wire transfer, check, cash, PayPal, fax, phone and others. All payments can be in US-Dollars, Euro, British Pounds Sterling, Japanese Yen, Canadian Dollars, Australian Dollars, Swiss Francs and many other currencies.

You can find the complete price table including multilicense discounts, in EUR at . During the ordering process you can see how much it is in your local currency, before submitting the order.

The simplest way to place your order is by clicking the "BUY NOW" button you can find in the Printfil's registration dialog. If your machine is not internet connected you can place an order for Standard licenses by using any other machine to connect to our web site.

Standard Licenses

This is the right kind of license for using Printfil in a commercial organization.

Companies usually needs to use Printfil on several machines. Very interesting quantity discounts are available on our website. Just 2 licenses are sold pretty like the price for a single license.

This licenses do not requires activation, so the client machine does not need to be internet connected.

Personal Edition License

This kind of license allows you to use the software for Personal - non commercial - purposes.

Even though the Personal Edition license does not have any functional limit, it's sold at a cheaper price.

Private users usually owns a single machine, so no quantity discounts are available.
If you would like to use Printfil on several machines, you may find convenient purchasing several Standard licenses instead (due to the quantity discount)

The Personal Edition license requires to be activated via internet within 30 days from the registration on the client machine. This means that your PC must be internet connected, at least once to perform this task. Once activated, the internet connection is no more required to run the software.

If you want to move a Personal Edition license from a PC to another one you need to right-click the Printfil's trayed icon and choose the Deactivate Personal Edition License menu entry on the old machine, then you'll be able to reactivate it on the new one.

The same procedure is needed even if you want to format your Windows machine or to change the computer name.

Monthly Licenses

If you need to use Printfil just for a few months, or occasionally over the year, you can purchase these licenses, that work just like the Standard ones (commercial usage allowed, internet connection not required), but they cost a tenth and last 30 days from the date of purchase (payment received for non-immediate payments, like wire-transfers).

Are you an IT Professional ?

If you are an IT Professional, we have a Reseller Program designed just for you, with many benefits. If you'd like to know more, please fill out the form you can find at We'll be glad to provide you all the needed information.

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