Chapter 12 - How to print a PRN file

For PRN file we mean a file created by the Print to file option of a Windows program.

This way Windows creates a file containing a graphical print job, specifically designed to be printed with the same printer originally selected when creating the file itself.

There are only a few exceptions to this rule, if the printer driver originally selected was for a printer supporting a standard graphical language like HP-PCL or PostScript

For example, if you did select a HP-PCL printer driver when creating the PRN file, then that file can be printed to any HP-PCL capable printer, even if the printer is not exactly the same model selected when creating the file.

The same applies if you created the file by selecting a PostScript printer driver, but a PRN file containing PostScript data cannot be printed with an PCL capable printer, and a PRN file containing PCL data cannot be printed with a PostScript capable printer.

If instead you selected a GDI (also known as Windows-Only) printer when creating the PRN file, then that file can be correctly printed only by that very same physical printer later on.

Printing a PRN file with Printfil is very easy. You just have to drag and drop the PRN file over the Printfil's icon on the desktop, then you'll choose the destination printer and Printfil will send the file there. That's all.

If you did choose to "associate PRN files with Printfil" when requested during the Printfil installation, then a simple double-click on the PRN file is sufficient to print it.

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