How to obtain a multipage PDF rather than printing from DOS to carbonless sheets

In another video, we've seen how to make a DOS program printing an invoice to a PDF file including the background form.

But what if the DOS program was designed to print on carbon copy preprinted stationery by a dot-matrix printer (like an invoice in 2 copies: Customer copy / Internal copy)?

In this video, we'll see how to make Printfil automatically duplicating the single DOS print job and insert different background images on the different pages.


  • We've previously created 2 similar BMP files for the 2 pages (Customer copy / Internal copy)
  • and the optional CFG to add each image on its own page and print 2 copies of the original single-page DOS invoice
  • Now go to Configuration -> Standard -> Options
  • Setup ManCopies=2 to make Printfil duplicate the single page print job to 2 copies (pages)

That's all. Now:

  • Print the DOS invoice to LPT1: as usual
  • Printfil captures the print job and creates 2 identical pages with the 2 different backgrounds merged
  • Now you can create the complete PDF (or directly print the 2 pages to a laser USB printer)

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