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Do you have a sample Printfil.CFG ? How should I name it ?

Well, the optional CFG file is a simple ascii file containing up to 15 lines used to change the default Printfil behaviour for a specific print job.

It must be named just like the TXT file captured by Printfil, but the extension must be CFG.

So, regardless of whether you've configured Printfil to capture the parallel port output or directly a file provided by the source application, please look at the "File to check" field in the Printfil's configuration dialog.

If that field points to (for example) C:\DOSPRINT\PRINTFIL.TXT , then the CFG file must be named C:\DOSPRINT\PRINTFIL.CFG

Even though the CFG is particularly useful when it's the source program which creates it with the source print job, many users statically creates it by using Windows Notepad, especially during the testing phase.

Tip: Notepad usually adds a .TXT extension to any newly created file, so, while you think you've named it Printfil.CFG, in reality it may has been saved as Printfil.CFG.TXT , so Printfil does not really read it. In order to ensure Printfil has really read the CFG when printing your source job, please add a title in the first row and enable print preview. If the CFG is really read by Printfil, then you'll see your own title in the preview window.

Here is a sample. You can find all the single rows explained in Chapter 3.2 in the manual (Start -> All Programs -> Printfil -> Manual)

Title 1 Windows Title for my DOS Print Job
Rows 2 66
Columns 3
Background 4 C:\Forms\Logo.bmp
Copies 5 3
Page Margins 6
Printer 7 HP Color LaserJet USB
Choose 8 .T.
Preview 9 .T.
AutoLand 10 150
Engine 11 GDI
e-mail 12 .T.| ; John Doe <>|Sample_Subject |c:\temp\body.txt
PDF file 13 C:\Path-For-PDF\MyReport.pdf
Delete CFG 14 .F.
Run Program 15

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