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When capturing the DOS LPT1: port, I receive "Error 1326" (or 1231, or others)

Tip: This page is for old Printfil versions and contains a list of common causes for these error messages. If you're running Printfil 5.2 (released in 2007) or a newer version, and you've experienced this problem, Printfil has asked you if you "needed help from our website". By answering yes to that question, the Printfil's automatic troubleshooter is started, which provides a better solution for your specific case.

If you're running an old Printfil 4.x version

Printfil cannot connects to its own virtual printer installed into the Control Panel. When it asked you if you wanted to create the virtual printer, did you answer yes ?

If you are running Windows Vista, did you run Printfil as Administrator when creating the virtual printer ?

If the virtual printer has been correctly created, please note that the error message may even be correct if on your system some recent Microsoft "security" patches are installed, so, first of all, try to capture the DOS LPT port in Mode 3 or 2 (Mode 3 first).

Mode 3/2 surely does not show any error message, but this doesn't mean the capturing option will work however. If the machine is correctly configured, then your print jobs will be redirected from the captured DOS LPT port to the preview window (if enabled) or directly to the Windows printer which is chosen in the Printfil's configuration dialog.

If the capturing option does not work in Mode 3/2 neither, then the most common cause is a firewall software which is blocking Printfil from connecting to its own local shared printer.

Other possible causes:

  1. Windows Networking Services are not properly configured.
    Please check the manual (Start -> Program Files -> Printfil -> Manual).
  2. If the capture works only when you're connected to the Internet, then check the "Media Sensing".
  3. The "Printfil" virtual printer is not shared, or it's not shared with the correct name: "Printfil"
  4. The "Printfil" printer was shared with a username and a password.
    Please remove them.
  5. You've manually shared a directory on your machine as "Printfil". Windows doesn't allow to have either a directory or a printer with the same share name, so you should leave "Printfil" as shared name for the virtual printer and share the directory with a different name: say Printfil-Dir or Printfil-Server.
  6. Printfil is running on a 32 bit system, the redirected port is phisically available on your hardware and the user running Printfil does not have administrator rights.
    You should capture another port (LPT2:, LPT3: .. LPT9:) or you should give Administrator rights to the user, unless you want to try one of the alternatives below.
If none of these suggestions works, or if you're searching for a solution which does not involves the Windows Networking Services, please download the file at and extract it on your desktop.

By clicking the BAT file included in the ZIP, a logfile.txt file will be created (even on the desktop). Please send it us, together with your Printfil.ini file (you'll find it in c:\windows or c:\winnt), so that we can check your local settings.
Please, don't forget to specify in your message which is the exact error number.

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