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On Windows Vista the Printfil virtual printer is not correctly created

If you are running Printfil 5.6 or newer...

...during the creation of the virtual printer an additional "authorization" may be asked you by Windows itself to run the function "as Administrator". In this case please confirm the task, otherwise the virtual printer will not be created.

Only if you are running Printfil 5.5 or older

Windows Vista by default has introduced some new restrictions about the commands which a standard user can run.

Before running the Create virtual printer Printfil's menu option, please follow the steps below.

  1. Create a new empty directory on your C disk (say C:\TEMP).
  2. Right click the Printfil's trayed icon (in the lower right corner, near the clock) and choose Close

  3. Right click the Printfil icon on the desktop and choose Run as Administrator

  4. Right click the Printfil's trayed icon and choose Help -> Create virtual printer

  5. When asked to choose the directory for the temporary file name, choose the directory you've created at step no. 1 (C:\TEMP) instead of C:\Program Files\Printfil

Now the Printfil printer is correctly created and you can use it either for capturing the LPT output or for producing PDF files, even if Printfil is run as standard user and no more as Administrator.

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