How to print multiple copies of the same DOS print

There are different ways to obtain multiple copies of the same print job with Printfil, either manual or automated.

If you're a programmer you can set up your preferred number of copies directly inside the print job itself, between the Copies_Start and Copies_End escape sequences, as shown in the manual, Chapter 5.1

You can do it without user intervention even by the optional CFG file (line #5), as shown in another video From DOS printing on carbon copy paper to a multipage PDF.

In this video, we see 3 ways to print multiple copies manually.

1st method - Choose Printer dialog:

  • Enable the Choose (printer) option
  • Print a DOS report
  • In the standard Windows Choose Printer dialog you can select the desired number of copies

2nd method - Preview window:

  • In the Printfil's Preview window you can click the Print icon several times

3rd method - Redo Last Print option:

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