How to print PRN files and Direct PDF, PCL, PS printing to any Windows printer

Printing PRN files is pretty easy with Printfil.
You just need to drag and drop them to the Printfil's desktop icon or use the Command Line.

Printfil allows the same way printing PDF files too, as well as PostScript and HP-PCL files, and they can be sent to any Windows printer, even if it doesn't support "Direct PDF printing" or those printer languages natively, like the cheapest GDI printers.

Let's start with a PRN file:

  • Drag & drop the PRN to Printfil
  • Choose the printer and click OK
  • The PRN file is printed directly

Now a PDF file:

  • You can drag & drop even a PDF
  • even if the printer doesn't support "Direct PDF printing"

Now through the Command Prompt:

  • Open the Command Prompt
  • Type the "Printfil.exe File.PDF" command

Please note that while a PRN file can be printed only to a printer of the same kind of the one used originally to create it, PCL, PS and PDF files can be printed to any Windows printer, independently by whether it supports "Direct PDF printing" or those legacy printer languages or not.

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