I'm trying to merge a .BMP background , but it is not printed by Printfil

If the BMP file is included by the optional CFG file, and you didn't specify its path, please check if it's in the same directory where the ascii print job file is created.

If the CFG does have only 4 lines, please ensure the last one is correctly terminated by a CR or CRLF. You may eventually open it with Windows Notepad , go to the end of the 4th line and press Enter one or more times.

Click here for more info and a sample Printfil.CFG file.

If the .BMP file is placed in a different directory than the .CFG you have to specify the bitmap's full path

The .BMP file must exists in the specified directory.

Please ensure the Windows user running Printfil.exe has read permission on the .BMP file, especially if it's located on a network drive or on a Unix/Linux remote filesystem.

  31 Aug 2017  
  New Printfil 5.22
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