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How do I transfer my Printfil license to a newer computer ?

Please follow the steps below to transfer your Printfil license from an old to a new computer.

Please note that steps in red (4,5,8) are required only for Personal Edition licenses; Standard licenses don't need them. Please see the FAQ: Differences between Standard and Personal Edition licenses

  1. Install the free Printfil trial on the new computer
  2. Configure it for your needs.
    If you're using Printfil 5.19 or newer you can even Export the configuration from the old computer and Import it in the new one.
  3. When everything is ok, go to the old computer (where your license is actually installed)
  4. Right click the Printfil's trayed icon (in the bottom-right corner, near the Windows clock) and choose the "Deactivate Personal Edition License" menu entry
  5. Let Printfil going to our web license server to free up your Personal Edition license
  6. Uninstall Printfil on the old computer
  7. Register Printfil on the new computer with the same license keys you were using on the old one (those received when purchasing the license)
  8. Reactivate your Personal Edition license on the new computer as requested, at next Printfil startup, like you did previously on your old computer.

Please note that for Personal Edition licenses, the Deactivation / Reactivation process (the steps in red above) is needed even if you have to format/change the hard disk or change the computer name.

The deactivation obviously must be performed before reformatting the hard disk and loosing its content.

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