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Which is the difference between a Standard and a Personal Edition Printfil license ?

Standard Licenses

This is the right kind of license for using Printfil in a commercial organization.

Companies usually needs to use Printfil on several machines. Very interesting quantity discounts are available. Just 2 licenses are sold pretty like the price for a single license.

This licenses do not requires activation, so the client machine does not need to be internet connected.

Personal Edition License

This kind of license allows you to use the software for Personal - non commercial - purposes.

Even though the Personal Edition license does not have any functional limit, it's sold at a cheaper price.

Private users usually owns a single machine, so no quantity discounts are available.
If you would like to use Printfil on several machines, you may find convenient purchasing several Standard licenses instead (due to the quantity discount)

The Personal Edition license requires to be activated via internet within 30 days from the registration on the client machine. This means that your PC must be internet connected, at least once to perform this task. Once activated, the internet connection is no more required to run the software.

If you want to move a Personal Edition license from a PC to another one, you need to right-click the Printfil's trayed icon and choose the Deactivate Personal Edition License menu entry on the old machine, then you'll be able to reactivate it on the new one.

The same procedure is needed even if you want to format your Windows machine or to change the computer name.

Please find more info about this in the FAQ: How to transfer Printfil licenses

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