Printing from a plain DOS virtual machine in VirtualBox

Printing from DOS programs to Windows printers is pretty easy if you have an old Windows version running on a VirtualBox virtual machine.
Problems come if you have a plain DOS virtual machine installed on VirtualBox.

This video shows how to redirect the LPT1: port on the DOS VirtualBox machine and send the DOS prints to any installed Windows printer.


  • VirtualBox settings
  • Redirect COM1 to a Raw File
  • Setup Printfil to check for that file

Let's go:

  • Start the DOS virtual machine
  • Mode LPT1: = COM1:

That's all. Now:

  • Print from a DOS program to LPT1:
  • Close everything
  • Printfil captures the DOS print

WARNING: The "Close Everything" above is needed because VirtualBox keeps the temporary file opened forever rather than opening/closing it just when the port receives data, so, Printfil doesn't start until VirtualBox is closed, and we couldn't find a solution for this problem (that happens only when the guest machine is plain DOS, not Windows 32-bit) on the Sun/Oracle website so far.

If this is a big problem for you, rather than using a DOS virtual machine, you may use a DOS emulator in the host machine (even if it's 64-bit).

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