How to select your preferred printer tray when printing from DOS

In this video, we see 2 ways to select your preferred printer tray when printing from a legacy program, like DOS (but even Unix, Linux, etc) through Printfil.

You can print to multiple trays even without user intervention, by using the 2nd method below and creating the optional CFG file with the 2nd printer's name in line #7.

1st method - By Clicking "Properties" in the "Choose Printer" dialog:

  • Enable the Choose (printer) option
  • Print from DOS
  • In the standard Windows Choose Printer dialog, click Properties to select the tray

2nd method - By installing a 2nd printer driver:

  • In the Windows Control Panel we've installed a 2nd printer driver that defaults to tray 2
  • Print from DOS again
  • Choose your preferred printer/tray

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