DOS printing to 2 Windows printers simultaneously

In the previous video, we've seen how to archive DOS print jobs for later reprinting.

In this video, we see how to use that archiving option to make Printfil printing the same DOS job twice, to 2 different printers, simultaneously.


Let's go:

  • Printfil is started twice by the batch file
  • The 1st instance captures LPT1 and prints to a Canon Wi-Fi printer
  • It even archives the captured print jobs in c:\temp\archive\
  • The 2nd instance captures the archived jobs and prints to a Brother USB printer
  • Preview can be disabled later on (we kept it on to better show what happens in the video)

That's all. Now:

  • Print from DOS to the printer on LPT1
  • The job is sent twice to the 2 Windows printers

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