Three methods to archive DOS print jobs to PDF, and view or print them simultaneously

In a previous video, we've seen how to automatically archive the DOS print jobs with Printfil so that you can see and/or reprint them at a later date.

In this video, we see 3 ways to archive DOS print jobs to PDF files with Printfil, with or without user intervention.

1st method: Just archive (no user intervention):

  • We've created a CFG file to archive PDF's in an empty folder
  • Print from DOS to LPT1:
  • The DOS print job is PDF archived

2nd method: Archive & View (user intervention):

  • Add |.T. after the PDF file name
  • Print from DOS again
  • Now the DOS job is archived and shown by the default PDF viewer
  • so that you can even print it

3rd method: Archive & Print (possible intervention):

  • Instead of |.T. you can insert a valid printer name or |Print
  • Print from DOS again
  • The DOS job is archived and printed
  • If the printer name is invalid, you're asked to choose one

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