How to capture LPT1, LPT2 ... LPT9 (and COM ports) simultaneously

Capturing multiple LPT ports is an old DOS concept, because DOS was limited to use 3 printers (max) at once (one for each LPT port).

With Printfil you no more have such limit, because the prints captured from a single LPT port (or from a file directly), can be forwarded to ANY printer which is installed in the Windows Control Panel (even 300 or more).

You just have to enable the Choose (printer) option at Configuration -> Standard and each time Printfil will capture a job from that single LPT port, it will ask you to which printer you want to send that job.
Alternatively, by the optional CFG file, you can do the same even without user intervention.

However, if you really want to capture multiple LPT ports simultaneously, Printfil can do that.
This video shows how to capture LPT1: and LPT2: simultaneously to redirect the prints to 2 different Windows printers.
You can replicate it to capture up to LPT9: and from COM1: to COM9: simultaneously (18 ports in total).


Let's go:

  • Printfil is started twice by the batch file
  • The 1st instance captures LPT1 and prints to a Canon Wi-Fi printer
  • The 2nd instance captures LPT2 and prints to a PDF printer
  • The 2 File to check fields must be different!
    Preview can be disabled later on (we kept it on to better show what happens in the video)

That's all. Now:

  • Print from DOS to the printer on LPT1
  • It's captured to be sent to the Canon
  • Print from DOS to LPT2
  • You can create the PDF

If you've questions, you can comment the Facebook video or the YouTube one in this page, or you can contact us at

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