Frequently Asked Questions

How do I cancel, renew or manage my Printfil Monthly subscription?

As you can see in the How to buy Printfil page we don't sell our software directly to the end-users, but through a network of Resellers and Distributors, like MyCommerce ShareIt

Automatic or Manual renewal If you did purchase your Monthly license through ShareIt, in their order form, there was a selection for manual or automatic renewal.

If you want to renew Printfil the next month, or stop the automatic subscription you've previously chosen, or make other changes later on, you can manage your subscriptions yourself at any time by following the link contained in the e-mail ShareIt sent you at purchase time (the one that also contains the monthly license codes).

In some countries, like Germany, you can cancel your subscription simply by clicking this link.

Alternatively, you can Contact MyCommerce ShareIt directly for further assistance with your subscription(s) with them.

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