Chapter 10 - How to send print jobs via e-mail

Your legacy print jobs can be sent via e-mail simply by selecting any "e-mail printer" as destination printer (Acrobat Distiller, GotoMAXX etc.).

When Printfil is setup to export the jobs in PDF or PDF/A format by its own virtual printer (please see the previous chapter), the jobs can also be sent via e-mail by using an SMTP server or a MAPI standard e-mail client installed on your machine, such as Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird and many others.

When PRINTFIL is configured to show a preview of the print job, the E-Mail button in the preview window, after creating the PDF file, will automatically attach it to a newly created e-mail message. You can then complete the message (adding the destination address, subject, body etc.) and send it.

When PRINTFIL is configured to create a PDF file without user intervention (and without preview) you can send it via e-mail by using the optional CFG file, as described in Chapter 3: "Configuration".

Please search for the "EMailClient" word at Chapter 4: "Miscellaneous Options" for further info about how to configure Printfil to send mail trough a mail client program or an SMTP server.

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