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I've received an SEQ file with the printer escape sequences. How do I install it?

Printer Control Codes (AKA Escape Sequences) are commands sent by legacy programs to the printers to obtain particular effects like bold, underline, italic, etc.

In the DOS age, there were different standard printer languages, like IBM, Epson ESC/P, HP PCL, etc., but some legacy programs did use nonstandard codes to drive specialist printers or for custom purposes.

Printfil can recognize even those nonstandard printer control codes and reproduce the corresponding graphical effects, but you may also receive an SEQ file from those programs producers (or our support team on request) to make those printer escape sequences being automatically recognized by Printfil.

In this video, we see how to install an SEQ file in Printfil.

Let's go:

  • Open the Printfil installation folder
  • Drag and drop the SEQ file here
  • Go to Configuration -> Standard -> Escape
  • Select the SEQ to change the values

  • If you open the config again ...
  • ... it shows Printfil.ini, but the values are correct

If you've questions, you can comment the Facebook video or the YouTube one in this page, or you can contact us at

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