I've installed GPL GhostScript 8.54 and carefully read the manual but I still receive "Error 1" when I try to create or e-mail a PDF file

It seems the 8.54 GPL GhostScript installer program does not correctly update the machine paths and registry entries. Newest versions (8.56 .. 9.10) works correctly, as well as the previous versions: 8.50, 8.15 etc.

Please uninstall the 8.54 version and download the newest 9.10 GPL or the previous 8.50 GPL

  1. Go to https://www.printfil.com/cgi-bin/connect.cgi?ghostscript

  2. Scroll down the list and click the 9.10 or the 8.50-gpl link

  3. Click the gs910w32.exe (gs910w64.exe if you're using a 64bit Windows version) or the gs850w32-gpl.exe link. You should be redirected to
    http://downloads.sourceforge.net/ghostscript/gs910w32.exe (or w64.exe)

  4. Now you only have to select your mirror and install the downloaded file.
    Please remember to uninstall GhostScript 8.54 first.

  31 Aug 2017  
  New Printfil 5.22
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