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My antivirus claims that Printfil is infected by a malware

The software we distribute does not contain any virus, trojan or other malware.

We carefully check each single file we distribute, with many different antivirus engines, before and after publishing them on our website. Different third party Companies then periodically scan the same files to ensure they continue to be 100% clean.

Some antivirus programs however compare a piece of the virus content with the file they're scanning (not the entire virus content), so it may happen that the piece of a new virus they've chosen when updating their "virus database signatures" is also contained in the Printfil's setup program.
This does not necessarily means that Printfil contains the virus itself. This undesired behaviour is known as a false positive.

For example, please look at this VirusTotal Printfil scan. From time to time we find some of these false positives and we have to ask them to fix their virus DB signatures. When this happens they usually fix it within a few hours.

So, if your antivirus detects a malware only on Printfil, then it's a false positive. If instead many different files on your machine are infected by that malware, then you were already infected when downloading Printfil on your machine, and it get infected too.

If you suspect your antivirus detects Printfil as a false positive, please update your virus DB signatures first, then let the antivirus scanning Printfil again (they might have already fixed the false positive). If this doesn't solve the problem, you can ensure that Printfil did not get infected after being downloaded on your machine by checking it with, but, please, tell your AntiVirus program's support about the false positive, so that they can fix it.

All the above obviously is true if you downloaded Printfil from a trusted source. All the official Printfil setup programs, even those distributed by our partners, are digitally signed by aSwIt s.r.l. (the "Verified Publisher" is shown you by Windows during the installation process). If your own Printfil.exe program or the setup program does not contain our digital sign, then someone else has illegally modified it (and may have inserted a malware when doing so).
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