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How can I print from my DOS program in Windows 8 ?

Windows Eight is fully supported by Printfil 5.15 or higher. If you're still using a previous version, please upgrade your Printfil copy.

Even on Win8 Printfil allows legacy programs (DOS too) printing to any Windows printer (including GDI printers, that are not DOS compatible and virtual printers, like PDF writers).

If you're new to Printfil we suggest you to try it yourself by downloading the free Printfil trial version you can find in these pages.

After installing it, the guided configuration will start automatically, or you can run it manually by right clicking the Printfil's trayed icon (in the bottom right corner, near the clock of the Windows 8 desktop) and choosing the "Configuration -> Guided" menu item.

At that point follow the onscreen instruction to setup Printfil to capture your source jobs from disk files, COM ports or LPT ports (depending by how the legacy program is creating them) and forward them to your Windows printer(s)

Please note that if you're using a 64 bit version of Windows 8, then it can no more natively run a DOS program (as well as any other 16 bit program). In this case you may want to use Printfil with DOSBox on the Win8/64 bit machine.

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