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Can I send Epson, IBM, HP escape sequences to my printer ?

Yes, you can use different escape sequences, not only Epson or HP.

When Printfil prints in RAW mode, the data flow is sent to the printer "as is", including escape sequences, so the destination printer must be compatible with them.

Anyway, Printfil can print in GDI mode also. You can use its own default sequences or your own ones (even if they are unknown sequences).

In this way Printfil can reproduce those effects (bold, underline, condensed etc.) on any Windows printer, regardless of which emulation the printer is using (or no emulation at all, as for GDI - Windows-Only printers and virtual printers).

When Printing in GDI mode, escape sequences are not directly sent to the printer, they are automatically translated by Printfil into the corresponding graphical effects to be "given" to the printer driver, so a single set of escape sequences is sufficient to drive any Windows printer.

Yes, you no more need to use different sequences for different printers.

For example, the file: can produce this print job: or this one:, depending by how is the font set in Printfil, on any Windows printer.

If you want to look inside the txt file without having an HEX editor, you can see its dump here:

How to detect and configure non-standard escape sequences

Printfil automatically detects embedded escape sequences for popular printer languages such as IBM, HP PCL, EPSON ESC/P, etc. and autoconfigures itself accordingly.

If instead, your own source program does use non-standard escape sequences (for example because it was designed to drive a proprietary printer type), you can see how to make Printfil recognizing them in this video.

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