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I cannot print my DOS report to the "Printfil" PDF printer on Windows 7

Windows 7 lacks of a system component that was included in the previous Windows versions.

Printfil 5.9 works correctly however on Windows Seven, but the creation of the "Printfil" virtual printer, used to export/e-mail the print jobs as PDF files without using additional PDF writers.

For this reason we've released the Printfil 5.9 -5- update on October 2009 that solves that problem.

If you're already running a Printfil 5.x version, we strongly suggest you to upgrade to the latest Printfil 5 version.
The upgrade is free for you. You just have to download and install the new setup file you can find at without uninstalling the current version first, so that your local settings will stay unaltered.

If you've purchased a Printfil 4.x license from 2003 to 2005, and you wish to use Printfil on Windows Seven now, you can still upgrade it to the newest version just by purchasing a Printfil Upgrade license


Please find more information and a video showing how to produce PDF files from DOS in the article: How to print from DOS programs to PDF files

Please note

During the creation of the virtual printer, if UAC (User Access Control) is enabled on your Windows 7 machine, one or more "authorizations" may be asked you by Windows itself, in order to run the function "as Administrator". In this case please confirm them, otherwise the virtual printer will not be created in the Windows 7 Control Panel.

On some systems the default driver used by Printfil may not be installed. In this case you'll be requested to specify a driver. Please select the "Ricoh" or "HP" manufacturer in the left frame, then any color printer driver whose name ends with "PS" in the right frame. For example Ricoh Aficio ColorXXXX PS or HP Color LaserJet XXXX PS

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