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Last time I saw Printfil's prices in USD, they were lower. Why this increase?

We never raised our prices. They are the same by many years.

As you can see at, we do not sell our software directly to the end users, but through a network of Resellers and Distributors. I don't know where you first found Printfil on the net (it might have been an USA reseller's website), but as an European Company, we publish a suggested (end user) pricelist at, which is in EUR, not USD.

So, there are different reasons which may explain the different price in USD you've seen:

  1. Each Reseller is free to apply the discounts he prefer to his Clients, so Printfil could be found at different prices on different online shops (just like what happens for a "Sony TV" or any other product distributed via resellers). The price should never be higher than the suggested end user one (but it might be lower).

  2. Even if the Reseller charges exactly the suggested prices published at (EUR), the total amount in USD depends by the EUR-USD exchange rate, which is decided by international banks and broker houses.
    Neither we, nor the resellers, have absolutely any control over it.

    Even though there was a time where 1 EUR was about 1 USD, nowadays 1 EUR is about 1.10 USD:

    As the exchange rate between EUR and USD changes daily, the same reseller/distributor may charge you a different price in USD if you place your order in different days, while the price will stay fixed if you'll pay in EUR.

    This means for example that you can purchase a Printfil Personal Edition license from ShareIt, and choosing "EUR" as currency you'll pay it 49.-- EUR exactly. As you're American, it will be YOUR bank which will apply you their preferred exchange rate in your statement (which usually is an average between last month's rates and might be better than the exchange rate applied by ShareIt at purchase time).
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