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Font size is different than in DOS. The report does not fit the pre printed stationery

You have different choices:

If your destination printer is compatible with the source data flow provided by your own program, then you can enable RAW printing in the Printfil's configuration dialog, so that the captured data will be sent to the printer AS IS and you'll obtain the same result as previously, even though your printer is connected to a USB port, a network etc.

If instead, the destination printer is not compatible with the source data flow, then Printfil must print in GDI mode (the default) to drive it.

When printing in GDI mode, Printfil normally autofits the font to the page (like set into the Windows printer driver), minus the margins (like set into the Printfil configuration).

This "printable area" is then divided for the number of rows/columns in your report to find out which is the correct font size, which is assumed to be the old "10 cpi" corresponding one.

This will ensure your DOS reports will be always correctly printed, independently by the page size, margins, and the chosen destination printer.

Change font size in DOS prints The number of columns in the report is normally autocalculated by Printfil if "Columns" = 0 in the Printfil configuration.

The default number of rows is set into the Printfil configuration dialog too, and Printfil will use that value unless the source application sends an EJECT command (Ascii 12 - FF) to the printer itself.

So, to change the font size to your preferred value on your report you can change the page margins and/or the number of rows/columns per page in the Printfil configuration.

By playing with those values you can find out which is the right combination of values which makes your textual jobs fitting the preprinted stationery.

Alternative method

How to merge background images to DOS print jobs

Please note however that with Printfil you could also choose to merge BMP, JPG, PNG, PDF (and others) files as background instead of printing to the preprinted stationery. This would not only make you saving money and time (using only blank paper loaded in the printer for all your print jobs), but the images themselves can also be resized on the page with the same rules of the text, as described in Chapter 6 of the manual: How to Merge Logos and other background Image Files

This way you can setup your preferred margins on any size of paper, and your reports will be always correctly aligned within the form.

As an example, you can run the "Help->Test" Printfil function twice, with different page margins, and look at the 3rd page (the invoice).

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