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Each time Printfil starts I'm asked to Activate my Personal Edition license

The Personal Edition Printfil license must be activated via internet within 30 days from the registration on the computer.

To activate it you just have to follow the on screen instructions. The PC must be internet connected during this process. Please see: Differences between a Standard and a Personal Edition Printfil license

Once the activation process will be succesfully completed, Printfil should no more ask you to Activate your license.

If instead it keeps asking you for the activation and you haven't yet upgraded to the latest Printfil version, please upgrade your Printfil copy first, then retry.

If even the upgrade doesn't solve the problem, then it may be a timing problem or a firewall installed on your machine which blocks our server program to activate your Personal Edition license.

In this case, please follow the steps below:
  1. Close Printfil
  2. Connect to the Internet first (some dial-up connections may be rather slow)
  3. Restart Printfil, so that it'll ask you to Activate the product
  4. Click the "connect to Printfil's website" button as soon as it appears (or within 10 seconds however)
  5. After a few seconds a message box should popup telling you the license has been activated
  6. By restarting Printfil it should no more ask you for the activation.
If instead of the popup at step 5 you'll receive a popup saying "Error retrieving update info file" and Printfil insists on asking for the activation at each startup, then check your firewall settings and retry.

If you need further help, please fill out and send the form in the web page which appears during the activation process, so that we can check your specific case.
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