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When printing from DOS, most of the text is unaligned

Printfil can use any standard Windows font to render your DOS print jobs, and sometimes it's nice to use fonts like Arial, Verdana or even Wingdings in some rows.

Most often, however, legacy prints, like DOS, Unix, etc are designed to use fixed-width fonts (i.e. a font where the "i" char is as wide as the "w" one), like Courier New, Andale Mono, Lucida Console, etc.

So, if you instruct Printfil to use a proportional font like Arial with those prints, the result will be unaligned.

Windows fixed-width fonts (AKA monospaced or fixed-pitch) like Courier New are not very nice, so, some years ago we designed the aSwIt Mono xxx font family and freely included it in Printfil to provide a better "modern look" to your legacy prints. They're all PC8 fonts and include box-drawing characters.

Let's see this in action:

  • Print to the DOS printer on LPT1:
  • The captured print is unaligned
  • because q is wider than l, unlike DOS
  • Instead of Arial, select a fixed-width font, like aSwIt Mono 437
  • Print from DOS again
  • Now print is correct

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