How to print PDF, PRN, PCL files by the Command Prompt or batch files

In a previous video, we've seen how to print PRN and PDF files with user intervention, by "drag and drop" them on the Printfil's icon or by the Command Line.

Printfil 5.24, released on Feb 2019, introduced a new PCL graphics engine, to print HP-PCL data and files (even to non-PCL capable printers, including PDF printers), and additional parameters to the Command Prompt to print files PRN, PDF and PCL without user intervention.

This video shows the new supported commands.

Let's go:

  • Let's keep 2 printers opened to see what happens
  • By running Printfil.exe test.pdf ...
  • ... Printfil asks for the desired printer
  • Here is the print to the Konica

  • Now: Printfil.exe test.prn 'Canon' GDI
  • The print job is sent directly by the GDI engine, without user intervention

  • Printfil.exe test.prn 'Konica' PCL
  • Sends the file directly to the Konica by the PCL engine

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