How to print barcodes when the source program outputs simple text

Printfil can print barcodes just by using some specialist Windows fonts, designed for that purpose.

In this video, we see some samples about how to use a Windows font for barcodes to obtain the bars printed on paper while the source program outputs just the textual code.

You can find all the files used in this demo, including the "Free 3 of 9 Extended" font (Code39) at, as well as other Windows fonts for different types of barcodes, like EAN13, I2of5, UPC-A, UPC-E etc.

Let's go:

  • Print a code from DOS Edit to LPT1:
  • Here it is, as normal
  • Now select a font for barcodes
  • Print from DOS again
  • This time you obtain a real barcode

For programmers:

  • Test1.prg: we've created a small dBase program that switches to that font before printing the code, then switches to the default font again
  • Everything is written in test1.txt
  • In Printfil, restore a normal font and columns = auto
  • Print test1.txt to LPT1:
  • Here is the mixed print job

  • In test2.prg print 40 spaces on top instead of 80
  • Print test2.txt to LPT1:
  • Width is doubled because the font fits a 40 columns page

  • Test3.prg enlarges the barcode and tighten the text via printer control codes

  • Test4.prg prints the code 3 times and lowers the text

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