How to run DOSBox (and vDosPlus, vDos) in full screen mode

The DOSBox emulator and all its variants, like DOSBox SVN Daum, DOSBox Megabuild 6, vDos and vDosplus, on the Windows OS normally are run inside a window, like any other program.

In some cases you may want to run it (and the DOS program) in full screen mode, and it's pretty easy, but unlike DOS, Windows is a multitasking OS, and there are some implications when other Windows programs are involved that needs to show something on screen, like the Printfil's Print Preview.

This video shows how to run DOSBox (and vDosPlus, vDos) in full screen mode and what happens when printing if the Printfil's print preview is enabled.

Let's go:

  • Start DOSBox SVN Daum (or MB6)
  • Press ALT+ENTER to go fullscreen
  • Simulate a print with DIR > LPT1
  • If the Print Preview is enabled, DOSBox is minimized
  • Close Preview and DOSBox
  • Run vDosPlus (or vDos) and press ALT+ENTER
  • DIR > LPT1 creates another Preview
  • but vDosPlus (and vDos) stays fullscreen until you press ALT+ENTER again

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