Print lines and boxes with box-drawing characters

Box-drawing characters (AKA line-drawing characters) in the Ascii table, are widely used in legacy programs (DOS, Unix, Linux, ...) to print frames and boxes.

When printing with a font like Courier New or Lucida Console in OEM-to-Ansi conversion, Windows automatically renders them by using the most similar ones in the currently selected Windows Ansi codepage (usually dashes and plus signs).

This video shows how to correctly render them with a Windows PC8 font

Let's go:

  • Open a DOS text with box drawing chars
  • Print it!
  • With Courier New boxes are dashed
  • Select a PC8 font, like aSwIt Mono 437
  • Print from DOS again
  • Now boxes are unbroken

If you've questions, you can comment the Facebook video or the YouTube one in this page, or you can contact us at

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